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Sacred Anatomy Chi Gung

About the practice: In 1990 with the guidance of Cheryl Yonker, I embarked on the practice of Chi Gung. At that time I was also 16 years into my practice of yoga, an important thread in my education. Over the years I have watched my practice of chi gung develop as my understanding of spirit being in a body evolves.

Since 2013 I've been studying with Desda Zuckerman, author of Your Sacred Anatomy. When I dove into her imagery, I felt myself wake up to my larger energetic structure. In addition to inspiring me to become a Core Individuation Practitioner, I was lead to exploring my chi gung practice with a new lense.

I found that doing movements I had previously practiced had a new impact when I changed my focus to "awakening the Sacred Anatomy." I experience a more expanded sense of who I am, a clearer sense of my own boundaries, and a deeper sense of restoration as well as an energetic "clutter clearing.                                                                                                    

After 3 years of this practice and several meetings with Desda to refine my work, I am excited to teach it.  I will be sharing Desda's images, and we will explore our own ways of relating to them in addition to the guided practice I am developing. As we are evolving in this crazy time, it is my hope that this tool for expanding awareness will help smooth the transition we are making.

If you’d like to join the class text me at 510.290.9593 to reserve.

Later Event: January 22
Sacred Anatomy Chi Gung