Jeannie McKenzie
Jeannie McKenzie
Energy Healing, Bodywork, Chi Gung, Urban Farming, Cheese Making Chickens, Goats

Gain more clarity, reduce attachment to outcome and accelerate the evolution of your soul on its journey to full expansion with Jeannie's powerful, intuitive healing work.


Blossom waiting for

Space. An invitation to

Full. Flowering. Now.

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"Working with Jeannie has been an incredible experience. She has such a big, joyful, open-heart. She quickly gets to the core of your issues and helps to detangle them and understand them on a deep level. I have gone away from my sessions feeling lighter, happier and filled with hope. And then afterwards, I have noticed all kinds of synchronicity and life being in alignment. I immediately felt renewed and much more able to receive several beautiful opportunities that came my way. Sessions with Jeannie renew my spirit and support who I truly am. I highly recommend Jeannie!"

- Ananda Wiegand