"Jeannie is an authentic healer, practicing a sacred medicine. I'm astonished by her understanding of the Human Energy Structure and ways to bring wellness to it. She has expanded my awareness of what health is. I feel fortunate and grateful. "

L.J. Cranmer, Traditional Usui Reiki Master/teacher

"Working with Jeannie has been an incredible experience. She has such a big, joyful, open-heart. She quickly gets to the core of your issues and helps to detangle them and understand them on a deep level. I have gone away from my sessions feeling lighter, happier and filled with hope. And then afterwards, I have noticed all kinds of synchronicity and life being in alignment. I immediately felt renewed and much more able to receive several beautiful opportunities that came my way. Sessions with Jeannie renew my spirit and support who I truly am. I highly recommend Jeannie!"

- Ananda Wiegand

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Jeannie is a transformational healer. I have personally benefitted from both her private energy practice and her group sacred anatomy movement classes. I have attended her group classes for over a year at her wonderful sanctuary in the Oakland hills. In them, she clears space for our internal and group motion and shares her ecstatic joy and presence selflessly. I look forward to continuing to share space with her and learn from her deep practice!

- Daniel Hilsinger

My work ranges from life coach to performing artist, and since I found her two years ago, Jeannie has been my go-to healer for everything that has come up. Jeannie beautifully balances professionalism and unconditional compassion as she holds space for deep healing to occur on all levels. I've had both remote and in-person sessions, lasting anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours, to treat conditions such as panic attacks and significant physical injury, as well as to "recharge" after working with clients and teaching weekend intensive workshops. Without fail, I've left her sessions feeling lighter, more energized, and pain free. I mean it when I call Jeannie a "healer" - I don't use that term lightly. Whatever you may have going on, Jeannie will be able to help.

-Nicholette Routhier

I feel much better, in the sense that I feel more grounded. I love the results I see from CI, and I definitely can't wait to receive more of it and to learn more about it! I didn't really know how accessible it can actually be to feel ease in this lifetime. Thanks to Jeannie I catch little glimpses of it and it truly is a huge gift.

- Emily Rose

"Can you visualize a wave of lavender washing through you?
Can you hear the “silver laughter of sprites”?
Can you feel a wave of energy surging up through your soles?
And most importantly, are you ready to let go of old animosities?
Particularly the ones you “love to hate”?
If so, then you may discover a powerful connection with Jeannie McKenzie’s healing work.
In pairing with Jeannie, I experienced a subtle but significant clearing of the physical and psychic “load” that had left me feeling exhausted and “beat up” by some of my colleagues. Most importantly, I was able to recognize and accept a long line of “thin-lipped” female ancestors who were not precisely the archetypal “nurturing mothers”.
I experienced Jeannie’s images and suggestions as simultaneously grounded and practical while being poetic and uplifting. When re-encountering the same insensitive colleagues, I was able to let their negativity run off me without touching my core.
Jeannie has been developing a true gift, one that supports us in walking through our daily lives with less turbulence – a marvelous thing all around!"

-Lauren Elder

Desda, your book and work are amazingly powerful. I just had work done by one of your students/graduates, Jeannie Mckenzie. Wow! That really sums up how much better I feel, how much taller I am standing, how clear I feel. Thank you for sharing this important and life saving work with the world.

-Ash McDaniel