As a professional musician, mime, teacher, farmer and above all healer, Jeannie's eclectic work life weaves a vibrant tapestry of life experience.

I am an instinctively curious lover of life, and my greatest desire as a healer is to assist people who are ready to make changes in their lives that will bring them greater joy and presence. Together we determine how I can most effectively assist your healing process. I draw from a wide variety of modalities, and through inquiry and dowsing we create a plan that will support your movement toward your greatest potential.

As your partner, I witness you and support you in moving beyond self-limiting stories. I assist you as you release trauma, expand your capacity to heal yourself, and reduce your attachment to particular outcomes as you come more into alignment with your deeper essential nature. I love working with people who are on their spiritual path, ready to go spelunking for the obstacles to their growth, and root them out.

With many years as a massage therapist under my belt, I felt drawn to look for the deeper patterns that were holding the physical ailments in place. This lead me to study cranial sacral therapy, then in 2013 to Core Individuation, an amazingly effective way of clearing traumas, karmic energy, and life patterns. Through this advanced work in  the Sacred Anatomy, we can access a higher vibration of living. Seeing people experience the relief and renewal as they expand into their greater selves is one of my greatest joys!

As we become more spacious, the dramas and traumas of daily life are less likely to throw us off course, and our ability to be in the present moment increases. I am voting for a world were as many people around me as possible are present!

I have been a musician since I was a child, and I continue to teach music to children and perform as a violinist and singer/ songwriter. So of course I started experimenting with sound, and incorporated sound healing as a tool when I discovered its effectiveness in releasing muscle spasms and chronic tension in my early days as a massage therapist. Combining my studies of the Chinese 5 Element theory and the meridian system with sound and the bigger energy field, or Sacred Anatomy was the obvious next step. I have most recently been studying Esoteric Acupuncture using tuning forks as a way of tuning and aligning the chakras, and bringing people more directly into their own higher vibrating field so that they can enjoy greater health, harmony, and expansion.

Last, but certainly not least, I value the power of nature and our relationships with the earth, the plant and animal worlds. I see the importance of collaboration on all levels and have lived my life as a collaborative composer, cook, and parent.  As a 20 year old, I was working in a collectively run organic food store, getting to know the farmers who were growing my food, and encouraging the respect and closeness to the earth. I have continued to cultivate this path as I collaboratively operate a small urban farm in the Oakland hills with goats, chickens, bees and a beautiful vegetable garden. I teach cheese making classes, backyard chicken and goat keeping workshops, and of course Sacred Anatomy Chi Gung and Plant Sensing!

I feel the importance of my deeply rooted connection to this beautiful planet in all that I do.