Jeannie McKenzie
Jeannie McKenzie
Energy Healing, Bodywork, Chi Gung, Urban Farming, Cheese Making Chickens, Goats

This process of assisting others in clearing the layers of clouds that obscure our divine essence feels like my true calling, and I am honored to be able to offer Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine and Esoteric Acupuncture as energy medicine modalities.

Sensing in the light.

New doors to old places.

Seeing in delight.

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Energy Medicine

I have been working as a practitioner of barefoot shiatsu massage since 1986 and biodynamic cranial sacral work since 2000. I am a musician, a mime, and an Orff music teacher for children. I have been practicing yoga since 1972 and chi gung since 1990. All of these practices have contributed to my curiosity about and understanding of energy and how it moves us.
Meeting Desda in 2013 and discovering Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine felt like a homecoming for my soul. Her explanation of our energetic anatomy felt immediately true to me, and I as I studied, I experienced an awakening to my greater energetic being that I had previously only glimpsed. I began eagerly practicing everything I learned as I deepened my studies with Desda, and I have been amazed at the transformation I have experienced through this work. My scoliosis has dramatically decreased. My ability to love myself and hold those around me with greater compassion has significantly increased. Even my daughter, who is quite the skeptic when it comes to energy work, asked to experience a session, since she has seen such a transformation in me since I have been practicing.

Jeannie is an authentic healer, practicing a sacred medicine. I’m astonished by her understanding of the Human Energy Structure and ways to bring wellness to it. She has expanded my awareness of what health is.
I feel fortunate and grateful.
— L.J. Cranmer, Traditional Usui Reiki Master/teacher

Frequencies of sound

Heart beating with the one always

It really is the bridge.

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Sound Healing and Sound Journeys

In 1985 I had the great fortune to study Tibetan Overtone chanting with Jill Purce. This opened the path of using my voice as a tool to clear blockages in the bodies of my clients. As I continued on the path of healing, I discovered Mikio Sankey's Esoteric Acupuncture. I experienced this work as another powerful access point to the larger energy field. As a practitioner I am harnessing the power of sound via tuning forks to stimulate Shen points (spirit or heart points) in patterns of Sacred Geometry. The tuning forks I use have been specifically designed by Randy Masters to resonate particular systems in the body, from the bones to the chakras to the DNA. In addition to having deeply beneficial healing effects, I am finding that this work deepens my meditation practice in a unique way, and has lead to further innovations in my Sacred Anatomy Chi Gung classes. 

I also offer group Sound Journeys. These meditative journeys using singing bowls, rain sticks, and other supportive instruments, as well as your own humming and guided group toning provide the space and sound environment that allow you to relax at a profound level. Your body is supported in finding its natural frequency balance while creating space for insights. During these journeys, people often find resolution for emotional issues and a sense of coming home to themselves.

Rocked back to the womb

Wholeness invites wholeness

Dancing with the One


Barefoot Shiatsu - Ashiatsu

Barefoot Shiatsu, or Ashiatsu applies the principle that “Wholism creates wholism.”

By receiving this beautiful, sensitive dance of pressure and support, one is guided inward to their deepest place of balance and wholeness.

After lots of experiments with friends in the 1970’s, walking on each others backs and  searching for the best ways to use the whole body of the practitioner to affect the whole body of the recipient and playing with the partner yoga as part of that, I signed up to study at the  Acupressure Institute in Berkeley and began my study of Chinese 5 Element system and a variety of bodywork modalities.

I was certified as a Barefoot Shiatsu teacher by Edward Spencer, senior student of Shizuko Yamamoto, in 1986.

Happy belly knows

Peace is the final frontier.

Why go anywhere?

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Chi Nei Tsang