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The In-Depth Edge Practice

What if you knew there was a map that allowed you to access a master-state of awareness state that used to take decades to learn?

"Awakening the Illuminated Body" is that sensory map.  Based on the revelations of "Your Sacred Anatomy" by Desda Zuckerman, this experiential weekend gives you the keys to a heightened mastery of your healing practice.  

Deepen your sensing abilities ---with more insight and intuitive clarity

Prevent burnout

Distinguish between empathy and merging and allow your intuition to come from a clearer, more expanded place.

Discover distinctions often misunderstood about the subtle energy structure

Strengthen your energetic boundaries and deepen your healing capacity

Better relate to your empathic/psychic/intuitive skills with far less overwhelm

Learn a 5-step daily practice that next-levels and transforms any healing modality

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Undoubtedly you are very talented at what you do and you probably have unusually sensitive intuition and are empathic.  But does being of service to others come at a cost to your own health?  This State of Being allows you to face any situation, no matter how challenging, with maximum grace and compassion, without absorbing anyone else's suffering.  This class clears up fundamental misunderstandings about the most effective way to use your subtle anatomy and your acute sensitivity.

This isn't for everyone. If you feel like despite all of your success, there's still something missing, then the awareness practice you learn this weekend could be the missing piece you've been looking for.  If you're ready to upgrade your life and Healing Art exponentially, then come to this weekend experience!   

We need two days to help you ground yourself in the "Illuminated Body" state. The first day you are immersed in the basic anatomy, which gives your awareness of the context for practicing a simple, elegant 5 step process.  We go step by step until, by the end of the day, you've popped into a whole new way of perceiving yourself and the world.  

You will have access to an infinite source of energy from within your own Energy Body.  You will experience a paradigm shift that will help you stabilize yourself in our present day world of dizzying change. Once you get the process down by practicing 5 minutes a day, you can re-enter this state in minutes anytime you need to.

The second day is where you refine your awareness while you practice your craft.  You receive individualized feedback to help you hone your ability to maintain the "Illuminated Body" flow-state while you work.  

You also get help "unlearning" habits of relating to your clients that merge your energy with them and drain your vitality.  Best of all, you get feedback from your practice partner about the qualitative improvement of their experience of your work when you are fully inhabiting your Awakened Illuminated Body.